I am by no means a professional electronics engineer and have undergone no formal training within the electronics industry.

I therefore make no claims for originality contained within these pages.

I do however have a great passion for radio and Electronic construction, a passion passed on to me, from my Uncle Sid back in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Having played around with radio for many years I decided to take the RAE in 1983 with help from the late GW3LFC.


Main aim of the website...

To me, looking at a well constructed electronic project is like looking at "Fine Art". I get great satisfaction just looking at a project where the constructor has spent considerable time in its construction.

I must point out that my efforts fall well short of "Fine Art" but nevertheless I have had many hours of fun trying to get close.

With the Internet now at hand I thought by bringing the contents of these pages together, I, in turn may inspire someone else to construct a piece of electronic equipment and gain that same satisfaction as I.

By the way, personal sites like mine take a lot of spare time, and the biggest reward is feedback from observers. I also learn a lot from your parallel (and sometimes oblique) experiences. So don't be bashful about sending an e-mail related to the website or these projects.

NOTE : You can click on a thumbnail photo within the site to see the enlarged version of that photograph.